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Esta canciòn siempre estuvo relacionada con el Klaine en mi cabeza, pero lejanamente, porque nunca terminaba de encajar.

Diganme ahora que no es perfecta para Blaine en lo que no vamos a ver que pasa entre la S5 y la S6.

Suelta mi mano ya, por favor;
entiende que me tengo que ir.
Si ya no sientes más este amor,
no tengo nada más que decir.

Ay, ¿quién escribe algo con esto :(?

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Klaine Week 2014 Day 1: favorite quotes from season five

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don’t stop believin’
hold on to that feelin’
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I will always love this photoset.

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Good times and bum times, I’ve seen them all, and my dear, I’m still here.

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FIC: Between You And Me; Kurt/Elliott (NC-17) 


Kurt/Elliott, with side Kurt/Blaine, NC-17 (~9,000 words)

Summary: When Blaine asks that he and Kurt try out an open marriage, Elliott has a proposition of his own to make. Featuring rimming, fingering, and anal. Warnings for Kurt having moments of uncertainty during the sex, and for some angst. 

Kurt isn’t unreasonable. At least, that’s what he’d told himself.

When Blaine had come to him a couple of months ago (eyes downcast and brow lined in that endearingly fearful way he had), asking if Kurt would be willing to entertain the idea of an open relationship, only the slightest tremble in his voice, Kurt had undeniably kept his cool. At least outwardly. 

Kurt had frozen in place, sure, old insecurities he’d abandoned years ago slimily crawling up his calf. But he’d kept calm despite it all, had quietly asked Blaine exactly what he meant by that, words impressively steady. He’d allowed himself to be placated by Blaine’s assurances of the steadfastness of their commitment and the ultimate meaninglessness of the casual sex he was pitching. 

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(((from a public video)))

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